10 dead after tornadoes tear through two cities in eastern China




Ten people have died as two tornadoes ripped through two cities in China’s eastern Jiangsu province.

It’s the latest deadly extreme weather event to hit the country, which over the last few months has been grappling with severe floods as well as extreme heat waves.

Five people were killed and four were severely injured from a strong tornado that struck Suqian city in Jiangsu province on Tuesday, according to state broadcaster CCTV. The province lies on China’s eastern coast.

More than 400 people have been relocated and more than 130 houses were destroyed in the city, CCTV reported.

Separately, an even stronger tornado left five people dead and four with minor injuries Tuesday night in Yancheng – which lies southeast of Suqian city and north of China’s biggest city, Shanghai – CCTV said, adding that 129 people have been relocated.

Tornadoes are not usual in mid to late September in Jiangsu, but rare tornadoes have happened due to recent higher temperatures that have brought strong weather conditions, state media Beijing Youth Daily reported, citing meteorological experts.

Scientists are confident that extreme weather events will only become more frequent and more severe unless the world stops burning planet-heating fossil fuels.


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