Avalanche in Austria: 2 people still missing



Two people remain missing after an avalanche Sunday near the mountainous villages of Lech and Zurs in Austria, according to the Austrian Press Agency.  

At least two people were also injured in the avalanche, the press agency reports. One of the injured was taken to a clinic in Innsbruck and the other went to the hospital in Bludez, the agency reports.

Rescue workers initially feared 10 people were missing in the avalanche based on a video from a ski guest taken right before the avalanche occurred.

The video appeared to show about 10 more skiers in the avalanche’s path but ended before showing what happened to the skiers, Hermann Fercher from Lech/Zürs-Tourismus said, according to the press agency.

Rescue workers assumed all the skiers in the video were lost in the avalanche, the agency reports.

The security councilor of the state of Vorarlberg says he is optimistic the two missing people will be found, the press agency reports.

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