Cuphead Interview: Delicious Last Course, Bosses, And The Future



Summer Game Fest is in full swing, and we’re covering the best games the showcase has to offer, including Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. Join Game Informer as we chat with Maja Moldenhauer, studio director at Studio MDHR, about the exciting DLC, the new bosses players will be facing, and what the developers are planning on for the future.

Alex Stadnik is here to ask the burning questions fans might have. The two start things off by discussing what the team brought to Summer Game Fest and chat about the ins and outs of the Mortimer Freeze boss fight. They then discuss what players can expect from the five major fights found in The Delicious Last Course and how the stages change the experience from the main game.

They then move to Ms. Chalice, the new character that isn’t a carbon copy of the title’s namesake or Mugman. One of the main additions of the DLC streamlines the experience with a new moveset and abilities but is far from an easy mode. Players will have to sacrifice some of the buffs they were used to in the main game in order to use her as she’s activated as a charm.

The two also discuss how Studio MDHR developed the game through COVID, how the soundtrack is yet again a highlight, and whether or not players can expect new secrets when they boot up the DLC on June 30. Finally, Stadnik and Maja round out the interview and briefly discuss what’s next for the studio.

If you enjoyed this look at Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, be sure to check out our recent preview impressions, our talk about the DLC on this week’s GI Show, and our fresh episode of New Gameplay Today showing off the Mortimer Freeze boss fight! Thanks, as always, for watching!


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