Granblue Fantasy Versus Receives New Mechanics Alongside A Big Balance Patch



Over two years after release, with multiple seasons of characters added, it looks like Arc System Works and Cygames aren’t done with Granblue Fantasy Versus quite yet. Starting tomorrow, a new patch will be applied to the fighting game that will add balance changes to the roster, but more importantly, also add new mechanics to the game.

Patch 2.80 for Granblue Fantasy Versus is ushering in three new mechanics that will undoubtedly change the game in massive ways. First is Rush, a tactical move that dashes the character forward to quickly close the distance on the opponent and strike when they least expect it. Similarly, Backshift is a dash backward that allows for a quick escape from pressure or a dodge to use in dicey situations, like back-dashing on wakeup to foil the opposition’s advance. Both are used by pressing L2 on the PlayStation controller (or corresponding mapped button) and the direction you want the dash to move in. Using either of these tactical moves consumes 50% of the Skybound Art gauge, so use them sparingly and only when needed.

Overdrive is the third and final mechanic added in Patch 2.80 and can only be activated once per round when the Skybound Art gauge is at 100% by pressing L2 and R2 simultaneously. Utilizing this mechanic turns the SBA gauge into an Overdrive Guage, which will drain over time. Being in Overdrive increases attack damage, adds chip damage to normal attacks, nullifies chip damage you would take while blocking, makes the properties and cooldowns of simple commands for special attacks the same as technical commands, and makes the universal overhead attacks a tad faster than normal. You can also use your Skybound Art or Super Skybound Art attacks at any time, but they will consume the remainder of the OD gauge. Overdrive looks like it will be quite powerful and a gamechanger for GBFV, but does have one weakness. Taking any damage while in the Overdrive state will drain the OD gauge by 33%, so take three or more hits after activation and it’s all gone.

Granblue Fantasy Versus is available now on PlayStation 4 and PC, with Patch 2.80 hitting the game tomorrow.


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