HBO’s The Last Of Us Will Return For A Season 2



HBO’s The Last of Us is getting a second season.

Nearly three weeks after the premiere of the first episode, HBO has revealed that The Last of Us will return for a Season 2. Season 1, so far, has been largely viewed as a success by critics and viewers alike. News of a second season isn’t surprising because The Last of Us’ premiere was the second largest debut for an HBO original series since 2010, and its second episode had the largest audience increase from a first episode to a second episode for an HBO Original drama series in the history of the network. 

Check out the Season 2 announcement for HBO’s The Last of Us below: 

As for what to expect in Season 2, that remains unknown, but considering Season 1 is covering all of The Last of Us Part I, it’s likely that the second season will cover at least part of The Last of Us Part II, if not all of it. A release date for Season 2 has not yet been revealed. 

Episode 3 of HBO’s The Last of Us airs this Sunday and is set to feature Bill, played by Nick Offerman. 

While waiting for this week’s episode, read our interview with game co-creator Neil Druckmann and Joel actor Pedro Pascal about how The Last of Us was changed for TV, and then read about how there are no plans for The Last of Us show to go beyond the games

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