Live updates: Israel-Hamas war in Gaza


A “large number” of medical personnel, patients and displaced people remain trapped inside southern Gaza’s Nasser Medical Complex, the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health said in a statement on Friday night local time.

It said those trapped in the maternity building had been subjected to “interrogation in harsh and inhumane conditions” by Israeli forces.

Electricity also remains cut off to the complex as a result of generators not working, increasing the chances of death for cases requiring oxygen.

Five medical personnel and 120 patients remain in the old building of the compound without food or water, it said.

The statement also claimed Israeli forces had prevented the evacuation of serious cases to other hospitals.

In a statement issued Saturday, the IDF said operations were still underway in Khan Younis, where Nasser hospital is located, with “approximately 100 individuals suspected of terrorist activity being apprehended.”

“In parallel to the searches, IDF troops killed terrorists around the area of the hospital,” it said.

Israeli special forces entered the hospital complex on Thursday, with the IDF saying “Hamas terrorists are likely hiding behind injured civilians inside Nasser hospital.”

The IDF also claimed there was “credible intelligence from a number of sources, including from released hostages” that bodies of deceased hostages may be present there. The military did not publicly release evidence to back up its claim.

Hamas said it had “no business” in the hospital. 

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