Lost Epic Exits Steam Early Access And Heads To PlayStation In July



2D Action RPG Lost Epic is graduating from Steam Early Access and going 1.0 this July. The launch also brings the game to PlayStation platforms, marking the game’s first appearance on consoles. 

Lost Epic first launched in Early Access in June 2021, and it blends Metroidvania-style exploration, Souls-inspired fast-paced combat, and a vibrant anime presentation. Players control a God Slayer on a quest to defeat a pantheon of divine gods threatening humanity. The hack ‘n slash combat encourages thoughtful combo-building and utilization of a parry mechanic to slay Lost Epic’s challenging enemies. God Slayers are fully customizable thanks to a deep skill tree, and you can craft enchantments and other items to bolster your arsenal. You can even tackle the campaign alongside friends in three-player online co-op. Check out the release date trailer below to see Lost Epic in action. 

Early Access players can enjoy a new update, Ver 1.3.0, now that adds a new world: the Abyss. This patch adds new bosses and the Eyes of God item used to uncover additional unseen paths leading to the game’s final world. You can watch the video for that below. 

At launch, Lost Epic receives a new world called the Sky Spire. The new area contains a powerful raid boss to tackle alone or alongside allies. Players can wield new weapons such as the Regalia blade, staff, shield, and new weapon enhancement materials. Lastly, characters from developer Team Earth Wars’ previous title, Earth’s Dawn, will become playable.  

You can play the final version of Lost Epic on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on July 28. The developer does plan to raise the price of the game at launch. The new price isn’t listed, but Lost Epic is $19.99 on Steam (though it’s currently discounted to $14.99 until May 27). That means you’ll want to grab it on PC now if you think the game is up your alley. 


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