March 12, 2023 Russia-Ukraine news



Logistical routes in and out of Bakhmut are still functioning, meaning “the supply of ammunition” to the besieged city is possible, a Ukrainian army commander said Sunday. 

“The weather imposes its restrictions. But at the moment, the logistics routes are functioning. The supply of ammunition is possible, although it is difficult. Evacuation of the wounded is possible. Supply of reinforcements is also possible,” Mykola Volokhov, head of Ukraine’s ‘Terra’ aerial reconnaissance unit, said on local television. 

The eastern Ukrainian city is a key battleground in Russia’s invasion and has seen weeks of bloody fighting between Ukraine’s army and fighters from the Russian private military group Wagner. 

Rather than drive directly towards the center, Wagner groups have sought to encircle the city in a wide arc from the north. In January they claimed the nearby town of Soledar, and have since taken a string of villages and hamlets north of Bakhmut. 

Bakhmut has important road connections to other parts of the Donetsk region; eastwards to the border with Luhansk, north-west to Sloviansk and south-west to Kostiantynivka.

However a Russian victory would carry greater symbolic than military significance.

It comes as Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin claimed his fighters have made further advancements in Bakhmut, posting a video Saturday in which he claims to be standing about 1.2 kilometers (less than a mile) away from the administrative center of the city.


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