New Dating-Action Game Eternights Challenges You To Find Love During An Apocalypse



Sony’s State of Play debuted a quirky dating-action game called Eternights. In it, independent developer Studio Sai invites you to find love in the most trying times –during an apocalypse.  

The game challenges you to make the most of life during this catastrophic situation. That means finding life and saving the world. When a mysterious entity infects humans and turns them into monsters, you must race against the clock to find an answer for survival, especially if you want to save your new relationship. In the game, you scavenge, dungeon crawl, and date your way to answers. But be aware that you’re doing it all on a deadline, with a clock constantly ticking, reminding you to meet your deadlines.

Studio Sai promises dungeons with traps and puzzles, alongside fun dancing minigames. You also get to pick from a cast of five characters for your romantic pursuits, each with their own unique stories and skills to help you battle. The action showcased in the trailer looked fast-paced and featured mostly hacking and slashing away at baddies while using the face buttons to unleash powerful skills and magical abilities. There was even a motorcycle sequence to get your adrenaline pumping. You can watch the trailer above to see it all action for yourself. 

So get ready to hold hands, makeout, and fight to stay alive when Eternights debuts on PS5, PS4, and PC sometime in early 2023. 


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