Redfall Developer Deep Dive Reveals May Launch Date



Today’s Xbox Developer Direct ended with a walkthrough of gameplay from Arkane’s Redfall. In addition to detailing how players will liberate the town of Redfall from its vampiric captors, the team also shared a release date: May 2.

The bulk of the presentation showed off how players, either alone or working with up to three other friends, will cleanse Redfall of vampires neighborhood by neighborhood. In addition to gathering intel about the island and completing side quests, such as rescuing human hostages, you’ll capture safehouses. These become additional human HQs, and gaining more brings you closer to battling the area’s ruling vampire underboss. These elite enemies boast unique attacks and require your full might, along with your team’s efforts, to kill for good.

We also got a look at vampire nests. A giant heart fuels these otherworldly dens, and infiltrating one means cutting the heart from the body. Swarms of vampires will try to stop you, of course, but succeeding causes the collapse of a nest, meaning you’ll have to get out fast. Additionally, Arkane showed off the Shroud enemy type, a vampire that can blanket areas in pitch darkness, fire projectiles, as well as phase through floors to evade danger. We also saw a little more of the heroes’ specialized abilities and upgrades, such as granting Layla’s umbrella with a perk that allows it to absorb and fire incoming bullets. 

Redfall will be available on Xbox Series X/S and PC and will be available on Game Pass at launch.


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