Somerville Arrives This November – Game Informer


Somerville, the mysterious sci-fi adventure game, finally has a release date and it’s only a few weeks away. The game arrives on November 15. 

The experience comes from Jumpship, a studio founded by Dino Patti, former CEO of Limbo and Inside developer Playdead. That shared DNA is evident in Somerville’s somber, surreal atmosphere. The game centers on a rural family – a father, mother, and child – whose lives get turned upside down by a cataclysmic event involving extraterrestrial visitors. The journey unfolds as a side-scrolling adventure game where the family must survive this apocalypse as it rips through small towns and beyond. You can watch the most recent trailer below.

Somerville was first unveiled during E3 2021 and most recently popped up during last December’s Game Awards. The game will be available on Xbox consoles (including Game Pass) and PC.

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