Techland Closes Out 7 Years Of Support With Dying Light: Definitive Edition, Out Tomorrow



Techland released Dying Light, its parkour zombie game, way back in 2015, and surprisingly, the game has received support from the studio for more than seven years. This year, Dying Light received a new-gen performance patch and seven-year anniversary DLC in the form of free weapon skins and more. 

Today, however, Techland revealed that its support for Dying Light is coming to a close, but not without one last surprise. The studio rounded up all of its support for the game in a brand new Dying Light: Definitive Edition that’s out tomorrow. 

“Dying Light has been a fantastic journey, and we are grateful to the community for supporting the game with us during these last 7 years,” a press release reads. “However, we also understand the sheer number of updates and DLCs released for our game might be daunting for new and returning players. We don’t want you to miss out on any part of the full Dying Light experience. That’s why we are proud to introduce Dying Light: Definitive Edition.” 

As previously mentioned, Dying Light Definitive Edition launches tomorrow and will be live with “a massive discount of up to 70% off.” It will be available on all platforms as a digital release. However, the Switch version releases later as both a digital and retail release. This edition includes the base game and all 26 of its DLCs, including skin bundles and expansion packs, and Techland says, “it’s the best way to experience the amount of content and love we have poured into this game over 7 long years.” 

To thank everyone for supporting the game, the studio is releasing one last free DLC called the Harran Tactical Unit Bundle, and it’s available for two weeks, starting tomorrow. If you already own the Platinum Edition of Dying Light, you will automatically be upgraded to the Definitive Edition for free, giving you five new bundles for no additional cost. 

Techland penned a heartfelt letter to its fans to round out today’s news. Here it is, in full: 

“This release marks an important moment in the history of Dying Light. On the one hand, it’s a nod to 7 years of immense love and support for this game; on the other, it’s the grand finale of our adventures in Harran. But let’s see what the future brings. And don’t worry—we will keep a steady reroll of previous events for you to enjoy.

Once again, we couldn’t be happier with the awe-inspiring memories this game has brought us, primarily because of our wonderful community. And yet, we also feel it’s the perfect time to move on and shift our focus towards brand-new adventures in the city of Villedor.

Yours truly,


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