The Outlast Trials Enters PC Early Access In May



The Outlast Trials, the third entry in the popular horror franchise, will welcome players into its twisted world when it enters PC Early Access on May 18. 

A new trailer reveals the news in a rather unique fashion, showcasing voice performers recording the horrific screams, yells, and grunts that will unnerve players in the game. The game was first announced in 2019, and developer Red Barrels gave players their first hands-on sample of the game via a closed beta last October. The ETA for the full release remains shrouded in mystery, however. 

The Outlast Trials mixes up the formula of the previous entries by letting you play alongside friends in four-player co-op (although you can still play solo). The game unfolds in a secret facility during the Cold War, with players controlling involuntary test subjects being tortured in gruesome experiments. Avoiding enemies instead of confronting them remains the key the survival, though you obtain and upgrade tools that can increase your odds at staying hidden or slowing foes down. 

You can check out The Outlast Trials in early access on Steam and The Epic Store.


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