What To Expect From Sea Of Thieves’ Seventh Season, Starting In A Few Days



Captaincy is coming to Sea of Thieves! What does that mean to those not versed in pirate speak? You’ll now be able to buy and customize your own ship. This ability arrives within game’s seventh season, launching on August 4.

Even if you’ve made it rich in Sea of Thieves and are loaded to the gills in gold, you can only purchase one of each type of ship: the Sloop, Brigantine, and Galleon. Within the teaser video above, we see the Sloop goes for 250,000 gold, the Brigantine for 375,000, and the four-person Galleon at 500,000. Once one of these vessels is yours for the keeping, you can give it a name, and it’ll appear on a wooden plaque on the ship’s crest. If you really want to put your fingerprint on it, you can customize the captain’s cabin, right down to the design of the table, chair, and carpet.

Your accomplishments on the high seas can also be displayed in the cabin in the form of new trinkets. We don’t yet know how many trinkets are available, but the video shows items that can sit on shelves or hang on walls. You can place each one as carefully as you want. Be warned: Each item is physics based, meaning they will slide in storms and when under attack. You may have to pick them up and readjust how they are hung after an expedition.

Each time you return to your ship, it’ll be just as you left it – including damage sustained. You can make it look new again by spending some gold at a shop to fix the damage and give it a fresh coat of paint.

The seventh season gives you more to play for through the introduction of Milestones, a new progression system that charts your progress in a variety of fields. If you cook 25 provisions, you’ll unlock a Milestone. Earn 30,000 gold as an Athena’s Fortune Emissary, and you’ll unlock another. The Milestones bring unique rewards, including new ship customizations.

Within this season, players will come across a variety of other new things, such as Captain’s Voyages to undertake, over 100 levels of rewards to earn, and plenty of secrets to unearth. And shortly after this new content hits, Sea of Thieves’ next time-limited Adventure ‘A Hunter’s Cry’ arrives on August 18. Details on this story-based quest are scarce at the moment, but we don’t have long to wait to find out what treasure or mystery we’ll be chasing.

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