What’s Your Favorite Resident Evil And Which One Do You Think Is The Best?



Resident Evil is a classic video game franchise that’s been around for decades. And for good reason, too – whether you prefer the more hardened survival horror seen in the first few Resident Evil games (and the recent ones) or the more over-the-top action camp seen in later entries, the series has you covered. That’s probably what makes it such a beloved series: there’s a little something for everyone in it. 

You might be wondering what has us pondering the Resident Evil series today. Well, 24 years ago, Resident Evil 2 hit PlayStation 1 on January 21, 1998. You read that right: the classic Resident Evil 2 is 24 years old! One year short of being old enough to rent a car!

This anniversary got us thinking, though: what’s your favorite Resident Evil game, and which Resident Evil do you think is the best? For me, my favorite is Resident Evil 2 Remake. It’s timeless, the remake is one of the best remakes in recent memory, and the Raccoon City Police Department is still just as terrifying as it was 24 years ago. Also, Mr. X’s wild entrance and subsequent chase never cease to be thrilling. 

However, I want to show a little love to Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. I love this game, even its faults. For me, some of the scariest types of horror out there often involve cannibalistic families and the like (think Wrong Turn and similar series). There’s something unnerving about a family unit working together to, well, eat you. Plus, half of my family is from Louisiana, so the swamp of Biohazard hits a special (and scary) part of my heart. Fortunately, there are no water-sunk shacks and swampy houses to encounter when I see my family. 

As far as the best Resident Evil? It’s still probably Resident Evil 4, but dangit, Resident Evil 2 Remake makes a strong case for that title. I suspect the rumored remake of Resident Evil 4 will definitively reclaim the title, especially considering how good the recent VR remake of Resident Evil 4 was

We want to know what your answers are, though: What’s your favorite Resident Evil game in the series? Which Resident Evil game do you think is the best Resident Evil? Let us know in the comments below!


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