Forever Skies Tasks Players With Salvaging And Surviving A Ruined Earth



Forever Skies is a newly announced first-person survival game by developer Far From Home. Players control a scientist who returns to a devastated, barely inhabitable Earth to scavenge for remains while making larger discoveries about how the planet has changed.

Earth is covered in a thick layer of toxic dust following an ecological disaster. You don’t know how Earth fell apart in the first place, though, so you’ll brave the environment to uncover artifacts and resources hinting at its demise. Finding ways to grow food and craft tools is also vital. The world’s ecosystem has changed dramatically though, so who knows what dangers you’ll find hidden beneath the clouds. 

An airbase serves as your floating headquarters. It can be customized to your liking, and you’ll use it as a laboratory, home, and workshop. You also appear to have a variety of tools at your disposal. The trailer shows off a wrist-mounted laser that vaporizes objects, such as a door to access a new area. Forever Skies will begin life as a single-player game, but Far From Home plans to add a co-op mode during its Early Access lifecycle. 

Far From Home plans to launch Forever Skies in Early Access sometime this year. Though it will be available first on PC, the team plans to release the game on consoles, of which PlayStation 5 is confirmed, at a later date.

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