Hitman 3 Becomes ‘Hitman World Of Assassination,’ Includes Access To 1 And 2



IO Interactive has announced that Hitman 3 will become Hitman World of Assassination later this month and will include all levels from Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 in it for free. 

More specifically, this big update for the Hitman trilogy arrives on January 26 and includes two major changes: 

  • “Hitman 3 will become ‘Hitman World of Assassination,’ which will also include access to Hitman 1 and Hitman 2 through our existing Access Pass system. Current Hitman 3 owners will get a free upgrade to Hitman World of Assassination on all platforms.”
  • “We’re drastically simplifying the purchase experience for new players. Hitman World of Assassination will be the single experience option to start playing.” 

This update makes it so that all Hitman 3 owners will have the same base content ownership, and it attempts to eliminate confusion over which edition to buy to obtain certain levels by making it so that there is only one purchase option. The other DLC will apparently still be available for purchase, but owning all the IO Interactive Hitman trilogy levels will be easier than ever now. 

Hitman World of Assassination will cost $70, and it includes Hitman 3, the Hitman 1 Game of the Year Access Pass, and the Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass. You can also purchase the Hitman World of Assassination Deluxe Pack for $30 to get the Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack, the Hitman 3 Seven Deadly Sins Collection, and the Hitman 2 Expansion Access Pass. 

“Those are the only two products that new players need to consider when buying any Hitman game digitially as of January 26, 2023,” IO writes in a blog post. “The changes have also been made with the Freelancer game mode in mind, where being able to easily access all locations from across the World of Assassination is parmount to maximizing your enjoyment.” 

In the meantime, read Game Informer’s Hitman 3 review and then read about the new Hitman 3 Freelancer mode.

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