Israel-Hamas war, Gaza hostage release deal, 4-day truce


Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it welcomes the truce agreement between Israel and Hamas but hopes its own citizens held by militants in Gaza can return home soon.

“Thailand fervently hopes that this momentum can be maintained so that the remaining hostages, which include Thai nationals, are released at the earliest opportunity. Thailand reiterates our strong call toward that end,” the ministry said in a statement Friday.

Militants are holding more than 200 people captive inside Gaza from mass abductions that were part of Hamas’ October 7 attacks on Israel, according to figures from the Israeli military.

Under terms previously announced by mediators in Qatar, a total of 50 of those hostages, women and children, are expected to be freed over a four-day humanitarian pause in fighting beginning Friday.

Among many of the foreign nationals kidnapped and being held hostage in Gaza are migrant laborers from Asian countries such as Thailand, Nepal and the Philippines – many of whom were working in Israel’s southern district near the Gaza Strip, and unprotected, when Hamas launched its surprise terror attack.

At least 39 Thais have been killed in the conflict with 26 held as hostages, according to figures released by the Thai government.

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