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Traditionally MMOs are best played on mouse and keyboard, but Lost Ark isn’t a traditional game, is it? Before I get carried away, know you’ll probably have a better experience playing this isometric action RPG with classic inputs. However, Lost Ark is playable with a controller, if not entirely enjoyable. I’d even argue combat feels best on a controller, despite the general awkwardness of navigating menus, inventories, and action bars on a gamepad.

Regardless of how you’re playing Lost Ark, tedium will soon set in if you don’t learn its many hotkeys and controller shortcuts. With convenience in mind, I hope this Lost Ark controller guide sends you well on your way to defeating demons and bandits with a gamepad in hand. 

Lost Ark officially supports Xbox controllers, so the shortcuts below reflect that.

The Basics

The Basics:

Movement – Left Stick

Interact / Progress Dialogue – L3

Mouse Cursor – Right Stick

Interact / Item Pick Up / Mouse Click – R3

Skip Cutscene – B Button

World Map – Back Button

Expand Minimap – RB + Back Button

Game Menu – RB + Start Button

Character Profile – LB + Start Button

Emotes – Right Dpad

Inventory – Left Dpad

Sheet Music (Fast Travel, Buffs, Etc.)  Up Dpad

Push-to-Talk – Down Dpad

Combat Skills

lost ark

Combat Skills:

Dodge Roll – A Button

Basic Attack – X Button

Ultimate Skill 1 – Y Button

Ultimate Skill 2 – B Button

Combat Skill 1 – Left Bumper + X

Combat Skill 2 – Left Bumper + Y 

Combat Skill 3 – Left Bumper + B 

Combat Skill 4 – Left Bumper + A 

Combat Skill 5 – Left Trigger + X

Combat Skill 6 – Left Trigger + Y 

Combat Skill 7 – Left Trigger + B

Combat Skill 8 – Left Trigger + A

Guild Skill 1  Left Bumper + Left Dpad

Guild Skill 2  Left Bumper + Up Dpad

Guild Skill 3  Left Bumper + Right Dpad

Guild Skill 4 – Left Bumper + Down Dpad

Guild Skill 5  Left Trigger + Left Dpad

Awakening Skill  Left Bumper + Left Trigger + X

Control Companion – Left Trigger + R3

Sailing Controls

lost ark

Sailing Controls:

Ship Horn – X Button

Fast Sailing – A Button

Docking Mode – Y Button

Auto Sailing – B Button

Mount Skills

lost ark mount

Mount Skills:

One of my favorite surprises about Lost Ark is mount skills. Depending on the rarity of the mount, you might have multiple special visual effects to show off while riding it. For example, my legendary three-headed Cerberus (included in the Platinum Founder’s Pack) has three mount skills: Frontal Security, Unlocked, and Detect Souls. 

Speed Boost – A Button (Press Twice To Double Jump)

Mount Skill 1 – Left Bumper + X

Mount Skill 2 – Left Bumper + Y

Mount Skill 3 – Left Bumper + B

Dismount – Left Bumper + A

Battle Items, Custom Slots, And Item Pages

Battle Items, Custom Slots, And Item Pages:

The two right-sided action bars house battle items and customizable item slots. The top bar of item slots is empty by default; however, you can drag and drop healing potions, toys, food, emotes, sheet music, and mounts into each space. The bottom action bar houses battle items like protective shield potions, more health potions, flash grenades, and battle standards. Lastly, there are a total of four preset pages you can swap between on the fly.

Item Preset 1 – Right Bumper + Right Trigger + Left Dpad

Item Preset 2 – Right Bumper + Right Trigger + Up Dpad

Item Preset 3 – Right Bumper + Right Trigger + Right Dpad

Item Preset 4 – Right Bumper + Right Trigger + Down Dpad

Custom Slot 1 – Right Bumper + X

Custom Slot 2 – Right Bumper + Y

Custom Slot 3 – Right Bumper + B

Custom Slot 4 – Left Bumper + Right Bumper + X

Custom Slot 5 – Left Bumper + Right Bumper + Y

Custom Slot 6 – Left Bumper + Right Bumper + B

Battle Item 1 – Right Trigger + X

Battle Item 2 – Right Trigger + Y

Battle Item 3 – Right Trigger + B

Battle Item 4 – Right Trigger + A

Quest Items

Quest-Specific Items:

I’m not going to lie. I haven’t had a quest require me to use a specific item yet, but I found these keybindings listed in the Lost Ark settings menu, so I’m listing them here for your convenience.

Quest Item 1 – Right Bumper + Left Dpad

Quest Item 2 – Right Bumper + Up Dpad

Quest Item 3 – Right Bumper + Right Dpad

Quest Item 4 – Right Bumper + Down Dpad

Quest Item 5 – Right Trigger + Left Dpad

Quest Item 6 – Right Trigger + Up Dpad

Quest Item 7 – Right Trigger + Right Dpad

Quest Item 8 – Right Trigger + Down Dpad

We hope this Lost Ark controller guide is helpful in the early hours of your adventure. If you’re looking for more content covering the new action-focused MMO, be sure to read our Lost Ark review impressions and watch our weekend streams for the chance to earn awesome Twitch drops.


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