Sony Reportedly Halves Its PSVR2 Shipment Forecast Due To Disappointing Pre-Order Numbers


Sony has slashed its shipment forecasts for the upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset it is launching next month, according to a new report from Bloomberg

The publication reports that Sony has halved its forecast from 2 million units shipped this quarter to 1 million as a result of disappointing pre-order numbers ahead of the February 22 launch date. Bloomberg reports that Sony has told a supply partner to prepare for a reduction in display panel orders, and PlayStation is expecting to ship roughly 1.5 million units between this April and March 2024. That expectation could change if steam picks up around PSVR2, though. 

As for the disappointing pre-order numbers, it’s not surprising – would-be PSVR2 adopters have been vocal about the price point of the headset. The standard retail package of PSVR2 will cost players $549.99, which is more expensive than the PlayStation 5 console required to play PSVR2. If you don’t own a PS5 yet but want to jump into the PSVR2 ecosystem, you’re essentially looking at spending over $1000. 

Plus, some players have been outspoken about their disappointment in the PSVR2 launch lineup as well, which includes many games already available on other VR platforms or games previously playable on PlayStation VR’s first iteration. The launch window lineup includes more than 30 games, including a big first-party release in Horizon: Call of the Mountain, but it also recently saw Supermassive Games’ The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, one of the more anticipated PSVR2 titles, get delayed out of this window

PSVR2 launches on February 22. 

[Source: Bloomberg]

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