Uncharted’s Nathan Drake And Chloe Frazer Will Be Treasure Hunting In Fortnite



With the Uncharted movie premiering tomorrow in theaters, it’s prime time for some promotional tie-ins. And what better place for Sony’s iconic adventurers Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer to show up in than Fortnite?

A post on the PlayStation Blog breaks down the new skin additions from Uncharted. Nate and Chloe each come in two flavors sporting looks representative of both their movie and game counterparts. The film version of Nathan Drake is the spitting image of Tom Holland, who, of course, plays the live-action Drake. Video game Nate is based on his model from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. 

Likewise, Chloe’s jumpsuited film model resembles actress Sophia Ali. This skin can be used with the jacket on or off, offering a minor bit of customization. Game Chloe’s outfit and model pulls inspiration from the character’s starring role in Uncharted: Lost Legacy. Chloe also has her own Back Bling item that’s a travel pack and a large map container.

Other Uncharted items being introduced to Fortnite alongside these skins include: 

  • Second Hand Saber Pickaxe
  • Parashurama Axe Pickaxe
  • Sully’s “New” Seaplane Glider
  • Update Journal Emote

Unfortunately, there’s no playable Sully/Mark Walberg skin, who also is featured in the film alongside Holland and Ali. Maybe for the sequel? All of the above items will be available in Fortnite and starting tomorrow at 7 a.m. Pacific until the end of Season 3 Chapter 1, you can find Drake’s Maps around the island that will lead you to treasure. Happy hunting, explorers! 

For more even Uncharted, check out our interview with Tom Holland himself and read our review of the new movie.


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