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Today, the long-anticipated sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn hits PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and to celebrate, we’re going to stream the early hours of the game. Join associate editor John Carson (AKA the King of Late Night) on Twitch at 2:30 p.m. Central as he jumps into the post-post-apocalyptic world of Horizon Forbidden West.

You may be thinking, “But, John, where’s Super Replay? I want to see Marcus be a badass Jedi.” I hear you, and I’d like to see that as well. We’re giving the Replay crew the day off to enjoy the long holiday weekend, and they’ll be back to their usual antics next Friday.

Horizon Forbidden West is the newest game from PlayStation powerhouse studio Guerrilla Games, and the second entry in the Horizon franchise. Set in the distant future where civilization as we know it has crumbled and mechanical beasts roam the land, Horizon follows the adventures of Aloy, who was once a societal outcast, that has become a hero to many of the villages and tribes she meets in Zero Dawn. Forbidden West brings Aloy, well, further west to discover a way to stop a blight that’s killing the land and, in turn, what remains of humanity. Check out cool robotic creatures and the beautiful open-world vistas that await Aloy on the stream this afternoon. 


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