Protodroid Delta Is A 3D Action Platformer Inspired By Sonic And Mega Man Releasing Next Year



Black Game Developer Fund has revealed Protodroid DeLTA, a 3D action platformer that’s an ode to the Sonic and Mega Man franchises and the leap games made from 2D to 3D in the ‘90s. It’s releasing next year. 

This game, developed by Adam Kareem, was revealed as part of BGDF’s second-anniversary celebration. For the uninitiated, BGDF is an annual $1 million fund founded by Humble Games to support Black game developers around the world, and it’s partnered with Humble Games to publish Protodroid Delta. It’s also signed five new projects as part of this commitment with Humble Games, securing another $1 million for the third year. 

You can check out the reveal trailer for Protodroid Delta below:

“Scheduled for release in early 2023, Protodroid Delta is an ode to the iconic Sonic and Mega Man franchises and the generational leap from 2D to 3D games made in the 90s,” a press release reads. “The story follows DeLTA, a protodroid, along with her efforts to save the Radia region from a powerful Vyper threat while changing the lives of everyone she meets on her journey.” 


Elsewhere in the press release, BGDF highlights the five developers it’s working with on new projects: 

  • Code Blue Games – 6DEGREES – Founded by alumni from top studios including Sony, Disney and Bethesda, Code Blue Games is building 6DEGREES, a third person sci-fi action-adventure game where players transfer their mind into a variety of unique robots to battle foes, traverse the environment, and solve puzzles all while having to protect their physical body from harm.
  • GxGrainSon – Having created an extraordinary world and vibrant characters with the launch of the fantasy 2D fighting game, Arcus Chroma, GxGrainSon is continuing to expand on the original title’s legacy in his follow up title. 
  • Joseph Hooker – IGDA Next Gen Leader Award recipient Joseph Hooker’s upcoming game melds retro aesthetics, modern rendering and post-processing, and a compelling gameplay loop. 
  • Ritual Games – Developers Darryl Reid and Jon Goldthorpe are in the midst of developing an unannounced game inspired by their love of fighting games and 80’s action movies.
  • Weathered Sweater – Founded by award-winning Trinidadian-American game developer Ryan Huggins, the team at Weathered Sweater is working on a new, unannounced turn-based survival game. 

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