Street Fighter Magic: The Gathering Secret Lair Is Doing The World Warriors Justice



Last year, Wizards of the Coast announced a partnership with Capcom to release a set of Universes Beyond Magic: The Gathering Cards based on Street Fighter. Yesterday, the entire Secret Lair set was revealed, sporting eight mechanically new Magic cards representing the original eight characters from Street Fighter II. Fortunately, all of them are flavorfully spot-on to their fighting game counterparts and look to be fun additions to any Commander deck they’ll fit in.

Each card looks to be lovingly crafted to mimic their fighting style as best as possible within the Magic ruleset. Ryu, is, of course, always training and delivering devastating attacks, while Ken can put a little extra fire onto his beefy attacks. Chun-Li utilizing Multikicker is just a chef kiss design, and Dhalsim with reach and plenty of card draw will control Commander games like he controls Street Fighter matches. My favorite is E. Honda, who encourages your deck to go wide with creatures and can buff up to one hundred of them while attacking. It’s all just super fun stuff to play around with in all of these new cards.

You can see the whole Secret Lair set below:


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